Chris Opperman & Kurt Morgan: Chamber Music from Hell
Jazz Composers Alliance - Live at the Berklee Performance Center
Fernando Huergo Big Band - Possibiity of Change
Phil Wilson - From the Vault, Vol. 1

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Global Connections: The Harmonic Concepts of the Music of the 1970s


Global Initiatives is pleased to announce a special Berklee Global Connections webinar presented in partnership with Rec Música Centro de Estudios Musicales in Mexico City.

Berklee’s Harmony and Jazz Composition Department’s newest course, The Harmonic Concepts of the Music of the 1970s, deeply examines the musical characteristics found in perhaps the most musically influential decade in recent memory. As a Harmony course, the primary focus of research into these topics centers on Core Harmony, with a special emphasis on topics found in modernist compositional techniques. Housed within the Professional Writing and Music Technology Division, this course also incorporates other topics including arranging, recording, and performance practice elements. This session will present preliminary findings from the course.

Speakers: Rick McLaughlin, associate professor of harmony Tom Hojnacki, assistant chair of harmony


Arts Schools Network - Let's Play Together


This session is designed to share technology and practical tips that support musicians playing in real-time -- remotely.

Latency is one of the biggest challenges we face when we try to make music together from-a-distance, and playing together is something we miss most during this historic pandemic. Since March 2020, the Berklee Global Initiatives team has explored technology tools and platforms to identify the best options for real-time music-making in the classroom, studio, and rehearsal settings. The result is our application of Jamulus (free open-source software that is used with its own Linux Virtual Private Server Network. Come join us to see how it all works… You and your students will be jamming, playing, and recording together again in no time.

Berklee Speakers: Dr. Darla S. Hanley, Dean, Professional Education Division Jim Odgren, Berklee Online Facilitator Jason Camelio, Assistant Vice President, Global Initiatives Ray Seol, Assistant Director, Global Initiatives

Ask Global Initiatives - Bi-weekly Hang with the Berklee Global Initiatives Team


Ask Berklee Global Initiatives: These are drop-in sessions for Berklee Global Academic Partner Schools. All students, faculty, and staff from the partner schools are welcome to join the sessions.