Jason Camelio is the embodiment of the highest professional standards, a creator and innovator, and most importantly a great human being.” – Damien Bracken (Higher Education Professional, Pianist, Vocalist and Songwriter)

"Jason has enormous respect and sensitivity for different cultures and music. Collaborations he has made have propelled the Berklee brand into different venues and institutions around the world." - Debbie Bieri (Advancement Specialist)

"I have known Jason Camelio for over 20 years, and I find him to be one of the most versatile, resourceful and knowledgeable people I know at Berklee." - Rick Peckham (Guitarist, Artist and Educator)

"Jason inspired and help me become the professional I am today.” – Nannette Velez (Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation)

"Jason’s attitude and genuine willingness to contribute to those around him were evident since we first met. It is very easy to speak about his musical prowess, his natural talent, work ethic and ability to contribute to every facet of a musical performance. He is truly an inspiration to me." - Leandro Pelligrino (Guitarist, Composer, Educator and winner of the 2013 Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition)

"He is global minded.” – Charles Kim (CEO of SJA Music Institute & SillyMann)

"Jason does terrific work - excellent musician, entrepreneur, diplomatic. Brilliant!" Jim Odgren (Saxophonist, Artist and Educator)

"I can attest that he's not only a great musician, but a great composer. The brief stint I had playing his ensemble music was some of the most fun I ever had as a guitarist." - Marcio Philomena (Guitarist and Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition Finalist)"

"Jason Camelio may not always be the tallest person in the room, but based on my relationship with him as his friend and colleague and business partner since 1996, I can easily confirm that he will be everything good and right and decent and intelligent and kind and generous and wise and experienced and helpful and techno-savvy and talented and brilliant and musical and artistic and creative and inventive and imaginative and gracious and trustworthy and honest and witty and comical and dedicated and smart and knowledgeable and devoted and accommodating and resourceful and reliable and fair and loyal and hard-working and respectful and honorable and humane and understanding and just generally great to be around that a human being can be." - Hal Crook

Jason is a musician, writer, producer and global programs and partnerships developer. Recordings Jason co-produced, written and/or performed on include Phil Wilson's From the Vault, Vol. 1 with Alex Leiva; music videos for "Message From God", "Play To Win" and "Atom Bomb" and the full-length album "This is DÚBH"; and performances include Dweezil Zappa's “Via Zammata’, Chris Opperman's "Chamber Music From Hell with Kurt Morgan, Fernando Huergo's Big Band "The Possibility of Change", Danilo Perez’s "The Panama Suite”, Stephen Webber's “Stylus Symphony”, Mike MacAllister's "Finder's Keepers” and Christine Fawson's "Happy Talk” featuring Phil Wilson and more. Jason has performed with many world-renowned artists including Eguie Castrillo, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Fernando Huergo, Ayn Inserto, Phil Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Steve Feifke, Jim Kelly and more…so much fun!

Jason engages with top performing arts institutions, festivals, artists, creative and passionate educators, students, business and government entities as the assistant vice president for Berklee Global Initiatives; developing opportunities for learners of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to reach their career and artistic goals.

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