Global Music Institute - Berklee Track Session: Today's Global India Musician

ZOOM! Hosted by: Aditya Balani and Jason Camelio

Hey #GMITribe! We're excited to host another #online interactive session featuring a panel of speakers representing a cross section of the community and celebrating their success stories. The speakers will elaborate on how they navigate the changing landscape of the global music community and the role music education has played along their journey.

Featuring: Jason Camelio (Assistant VP Global Initiatives, Berklee Global), Aditya Balani (Co-founder, GMI), Tarun Balani (Co-founder, GMI), Zoya (Singer / Songwriter / Performer), Vasuda Sharma (Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Performer), Abhinav Agarwal (Ethnomusicologist / Musician / Social Entrepreneur / Founder - Anahad Foundation ), and Amira Gill (Vocalist / Songwriter / Music Therapist)

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020 6.30 PM!

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Contact us for more details +91-8447239949