2020 Berklee in Stockholm

Södra Latins Gymnasium, Skaraborgsgatan 14, Box 17713, Stockholm, Sweden

12.00—13.15 - Master Class: The Music of Stevie Wonder Rick McLaughlin, Associate Professor of Harmony

13.15—14.30 - Master Class: Performance Sheryl Bailey, Assistant Chair of Guitar

17.00 - Information Session: The Berklee Experience Marek Dykta, Assistant Director of Admissions Jason Camelio, Assistant Vice President for Global Initiatives

19.00—20.00 - Berklee and Södra Latin Music Showcase Featuring Berklee team members and Södra Latin students

Saturday, February 8 Auditions and Interviews

Södra Latins Gymnasium Skaraborgsgatan 14, Box 17713 Stockholm 118 93 Sweden URL: sodralatinsgymnasium.stockholm.se Tel: +46-8-508-408-00 Email: sodralatinsgymnasium@edu.stockholm.se