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The launch of the new jasoncamelio.com is giving me the opportunity to check out a number of excellent new tools supplied by products like Hostbaby.com.  I am excited to dig into these and explore their potential.  Composing these little ditties in a blog is one way I hope to share news that might be of interest to visitors.

For example, there is much afoot musically in 2015. For most of January, I have been on the road in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and in India for Berklee.  Here are a couple of images to help explain what we were doing there and with whom we had the chance to work.

2015 Berklee in Santo Domingo

2015 Berklee in Santo Domingo

Berklee and Global Music Institute perform at Barsoom in New Delhi, India.

Berklee and Global Music Institute at Barsoom in New Delhi

Additionally, I am working on some exciting projects, which I hope to share in the coming weeks.  There will be lots of writing, recording and performing to do with some wonderful people.

For now, I invite you to take a look at the events schedule and find opportunities to connect with me when I in your neck of the woods.

Ciao - JC

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