This is DÚBH

Debut CD by DÚBH

DÚBH is: Damien Bracken - vocals and keyboards Jason Camelio - guitar and backing vocals Marek Dykta - guitar Tom Griesgraber - electric bass, Chapman Stick, acoustic guitar, Theremin and Moog Taurus bass pedals Dave Brooks - drums, percussion and backing vocals

Also featuring: Shea Rose - backing vocals Layth Al Rubaye - violin Marta Roma - cello

Tracks: About Her (4:33) The American (3:41) High On Love° (4:21) Don’t Drone Me° (4:13) New Amsterdam (5:09) We’ve Come A Long Way° (4:02) I Know You† (4:33) Because (4:33) Shoes‡ (4:56) Shanghai Taxi Driver (Love Affair)° (6:25)

*By Damien Bracken
†By Jason Camelio
°By Damien Bracken and Jason Camelio
‡By Damien Bracken and Mark Campbell

© 2016 Gomaith Music and Bending Dogma, ASCAP All Rights Reserved

Produced by Damien Bracken and Jason Camelio
Co-Produced by Tom Griesgraber

Recorded and edited at Thosounds in Encinitas, CA by Tom Griesgraber Studio assistant Daniel Gomez Additional recording at Mix One Studios in Boston, MA by Michael Farquharson
Mixed by Mike Davidson at Plaid Dog Studios in Brighton, MA Assisted by Bryan Fennelly
Mastered by Jett Galindo at The Bakery in Los Angeles, CA

DÚBH wishes to thank that taxi driver in Shanghai, people with bumper stickers on the Mass Turnpike, the Obama administration for their drone program, Damien’s mom, the great city of New York and...

Damien wishes to thank Pamela for being a constant source of inspiration, Senan and Ian for living their dreams and staying true to themselves, my mom for starting everything, Alban, Sean, Gerry, and Peter. Without you all in my life these songs would never have been written.

Jason wishes to thank Illena, the family, Greg Badolato. Jim Kelly, Jim Odgren, Wolf Ginandes, Sam Skau, Phil Wilson, Hal Crook, Cocktails for Two and The Firebird Suite.

Marek wishes to thank his mom Tereska and dad Teodor, big music fan now listening from above.

Dave wishes to thank his wife Marianne, for her constant source of love, encouragement and support. Sue, Connie, Keith, Tim, Jaime, Indy, Ian, Dana, Caitie, Charlie, Andrew, Katherine, Will, Sam, Gloria and The Avrils. Norm Yamada for getting me started and inspiring me.

Tom wishes to thank Ryan Moran, Mary Matthews, Erik Conklin, D’Addario strings, Mogami Cable, Eventide, Sennheiser/Neumann microphones, True Systems preamps, Auralex Acoustics, Stick Enterprises, Moog Music, Radial Engineering and Peterson tuners.

Most of all, we THANK YOU!

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